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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

93 blasts convicted Memon family

The special TADA court hearing the the long-drawn 1993 Mumbai blasts case on Tuesday convicted four members of the Memon family - Yakub, Essa, Rubina and Yusuf.
Three other members of the Memon family - Suleiman, Hanifa and Rahil - have, however, been acquitted with the judge giving them the benefit of doubt.

The four Memons have been held guilty on charges of conspiring and abetting acts of terror.
They face jail terms ranging from a minimum of five years to life imprisonment.
Yakub Memon, the brother of prime accused 'Tiger' Memon, has been charged for possession of unauthorised arms. The complete verdict in the case will be delivered in batches in a staggered manner over a period of four weeks.

Yakub Memon is younger brother of prime accused and conspirator Tiger Memon.
After the blasts, the family members of Tiger, including Yakub, had escaped to Dubai and from Mumbai to Pakistan. Except Tiger and his brother Ayub, the entire family returned to India and arrested by CBI in 1994.

Since then Yakub has been in custody and is undergoing treatment as he suffers from depression, according to his lawyer Subhash Kanse.
Sanjay's turn could take longer. According to public prosecuter Ujjwal Nikam, verdict on actor Sanjay Dutt's role would take at least a month's time. "Court has adopted a well-thought of strategy to deliver the verdict and the judemnt would come according to it,"
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