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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CD has evidence to Jessica case

There is enough evidence to nail Manu Sharma, the main accused in the Jessica Lal case acquitted by a trial court in February, in a CD that contains his account of the 1999 murder, Delhi Police said today.

“I have personally gone through the contents of the CD and there are many incriminating details against the accused. This important piece of evidence, for some strange reason, was never presented before the trial court,” said Special Commissioner of Police (Intelligence and Operations) U K Katna, who heads the Special Investigation team set up to probe lapses by officers who investigated the case.

“The CD has been submitted to the High Court as part of our investigation. Now, it is for the High Court to decide,” Katna added. The Delhi Police will submit a status report of the re-investigation to the Court, hearing an appeal in the case, tomorrow.
The CD was recorded in 1999 by the South District police during the interrogation of Manu Sharma after his surrender in Chandigarh.

Police said in the CD, Sharma says he went to party at Qutub Colonnade, in which Jessica was killed, after a drinking session with co-accused Vikas Yadav, Tony Gill and Alok Khanna. According to police, Sharma also claims he shot Jessica Lal using a pistol he purchased in Ambala after she refused to serve him liquor.

Sharma’s confession also details his escape, said police.


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