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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reactions on Saddam execution

Leftist parties and Muslims today held demonstrations across Madhya Pradesh dubbing as 'barbaric'' the hanging of former Iraq President Saddam Hussain and burnt US President George Bush in effigy. Police was alerted across the state to keept strict vigil to avert any untoward incident, particularly in view of the Id-ul-Zuha festival on Monday, Inspector General of Police Ashok Soni said.

In the Muslim-dominated Itwara area in the state capital, CPI workers and a group of Muslims held demonstrations separately and burnt effigies of the US President.

At Neemuch town in western Madhya Pradesh, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, currently
holding its state convention, adopted a resolution condemning the 'barbaric' incident terming it as a frontal attack on the judiciary and sovereignity.

''It showed the extent to which US could go to monopolise on petroleum and other resources across the world'', CITU state General Secretary Badal Saroj said and urged other trade unions to stage protests against American criminal misadventures.

The CITU workers also took out a rally that culminated into a public meeting. CITU National Secretary and former CPI(M) MP Dipankar Mukherjee, in his address, urged the Indian government to take a stern stand against the US onslaught on secular Iraq, a traditional ally of India.

Reports from different districts said Muslims held protests against Saddam's hanging on the eve of Bakrid.

The leader of Russian ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky today led a protest rally outside the Iraqi Embassy in central Moscow, to protest former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's execution. ''Dozens of protesters gathered in front of the Iraqi Embassy building, all of them LDPR members,'' a police spokesman told mediapersons.

He said the rally was not sanctioned by the city authorities and it was peaceful and no one was detained. Thirteen State Duma (Lower House of Parliament) members also participated in the rally. The protesters carried flags with the party's symbols and several posters.

Addressing the protesters, Mr Zhirinovsky said Saddam's execution would result in the most negative consequences, since it would stir up another outburst of anti-American sentiments all over the world, particularly in Muslim countries.

Muslims may take it as an attack against the Islamic world, he added.



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