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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai Serial Blast 11th July 2006

At least 454 people suffered injuries from multiple explosions in Mumbai, India, that are being blamed on terrorists. Bodies are still being recovered. Police say 174 people were killed. Analysts are comparing the attack with the 2004 Madrid bombings and 2005 London blasts, noting all involved multiple, well-coordinated explosions.

Breaking News : Mumbai blast, National News

The first blast took place at Khar, the second one at Mahim, third at Matunga, fourth at Jogeshwari and the fifth blast took place at Borivilli, sixth took place at Bayander while the seventh blast took place in a subway near Santa Cruz.

The first class appartment of the train in Khar was blown to pieces and bodies of people are lying on the tracks. This was a powerful blast and police suspects that RDX might have been involved.Eyewitnesses reported blasts at Mahim, Bandra, Bhyander, Jogeshwari and Borivali. All blasts have been reported and all of them took place in moving trains.

The Prime minister has called for an emergency meeting with the Home Minister in the capital. All major cities and airports across the country are on high alert.


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