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Friday, September 01, 2006

Rs 3cr to stop epidemic in Barmer

The state government has sanctioned Rs three crores for prevention of seasonal diseases resulting from flood and incessant rain in Barmer district.

District Collector Subir Kumar said the Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) has been permitted to spend Rs 65 lakhs while the Principal Medical Officer can spend Rs one lakh. The CMHO has been given permission to spend the remaining Rs 2.35 crores as per the norms, he added.

The state government has also sanctioned Rs 3.50 crores for the cattle treatment fund to Animal Husbandry department.

The Disaster Management and Relief Department has been allotted Rs 5.5 crores for repairing and restoring water supply works. Over Rs one lakh has also been allotted for repair of damaged canals and dams in the district and Rs 6.30 crore for immediate repair of damaged roads in the district.

A sum of Rs 12.04 crores has been sanctioned for providing clothes and utensils to 1.20 lakh families.


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