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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pakistan will boycott Darrell Hair in future

A bitter Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said Pakistan will never play in any future Test match with Darrell Hair as umpire even as the media, former cricketers and students continued to lambast the Aussie umpire for raking up the ball-tampering row.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan told reporters at the Marriott Hotel in North West London that he had lodged a complaint to the International Cricket Council (ICC) that Hair never officiates in a Test involving Pakistan in future.

Hair and fellow umpire Billy Doctrove awarded the fourth Test at The Oval to England after Pakistan refused to return to the field after the umpires had imposed a five-run penalty against them for ball-tampering and changed the ball. The ICC had then charged captain Inzamam of ''bringing the game into disrepute'' and ''changing the condition of the ball'' while also deciding for a Code of Conduct hearing on Friday into the incidents.

''Darrell Hair has trained his guns on the team. It is a slur on the players and a slur to Pakistan itself. The team has had problems with him before and have lost confidence in him as an umpire. They are deeply offended by his attitude.

and at the manner in which the ball-tampering issue arose'' Khan said. ''It is not that Darrell Hair is a bad umpire, Darrell Hair is a good umpire. Our team has a problem with his attitude on the field. That attitude has upset our team more than once.

Meanwhile, dozens of Pakistani students burned Hair's pictures in Islamabad and over a hundred Pakistani cricket fans assembled at the Southall locality in London to protest against Hair's accusation of ball tampering against Inzamam's men, The News reported.


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