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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jet Airways security staff suspected

A 23-year-old employee of Jet Airways at Heathrow is one of the 24 people arrested in connection with the planned air terror attack which was foiled on Thursday.

Sources said Asmin Amin Tariq was employed as an ancillary security staff with Jet Airways at their London office. He is a British national of Asian origin who used to work with GS (Group Securitas) 4 until March when a British law required all airlines to permanently employ all their security staff. Tariq was taken in as a permanent employee in March.
Jet’s Executive Director Saroj Datta said, ‘‘We are trying to get more information about him. All employees of Jet in the UK are cleared by police and security agencies there.’’
Tariq and Waheed Zaman, a biochemistry student, were arrested near Walthamstow dog track after a car chase.

Security officials said the suspected terrorists had plotted to blow up 10 US-bound planes by mixing a British sports drink with a gel-like substance and hoping to stage a practice run followed by actual attacks within days.
The 24 suspects, all Muslims and aged between 17 and 35, were being questioned at Paddington High Security police station in West London. Most of them are of Pakistani origin and three of them are converts.


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