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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Supreme court to Bharati Yadav

News India, Katara murder case, Bharti YadavBharti Yadav, a key witness in the Nitish Katara murder case, sent a fax message to a trial court on Saturday, expressing willingness to record her evidence in the case.

The fax was sent from an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom to a judge in the Patiala House Court dealing with the case.

In the fax message, Bharti, the sister of main accused Vikas Yadav, said she was ready to record her evidence through video conferencing.

The prosecution told Additional Sessions Judge Ravinder Kaur that Bharti had sent the fax on Saturday to the judge in charge of the Patiala House Court from the UK.

However, Bharti had not disclosed her address in the fax message.

The ASJ is hearing an application by the prosecution seeking issue of proclamation against Bharti for failing to appear before the court as witness, despite the issuance of three non-bailable warrants.

Anguished over Bharti's non-appearance despite repeated trial court orders, the Supreme Court had on Friday warned her brothers Vikas and Vishal, facing trial in the murder case, not to take the judicial system for a ride.


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