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Friday, July 28, 2006

Local News: Call Center Murder

India, Local newsThe case of a call centre employee, Tania Banerjee (32), took a turn on Thursday after it was found that she was arrested on August 31, 2005 for indulging in immoral activities. She was arrested form her South Kolkata appartment.

Tania, was the kingpin of the racket, Jason Anthony, had been booked under Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act. The DCP said that they had submitted charge sheet for all three but they were out on bail.

Police sources said Tania had flown into Kolkata just a week before her arrest. They said that she was quite aware and confident of what she was doing. Senior police official said that she had no qualms over what she did.

"She said she did it for fun. Guys enjoyed her company and she liked it. Sometimes she got money for doing it; at other times she got gifts," said an officer.
She flew to Kolkata from Bangalore often, the police claimed. "It's possible that the girls were introduced to Jason through common friends and got involved in the racket. It was easy money for them," said an officer. However, her father Kalidas Banerjee, retired railway officer will be leaving for Bangalore soon. His tickets have been arranged by the company Tania used to work for.


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