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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Indian businessmen selling products online

News: National News, e-commerce business newsNew Delhi, Jul 26: As many as 12,800 Indian entrepreneurs, including many businesses, earn their livelihood by selling products through eBay India, an online marketplace, a survey report said.

The survey revealed that the Indian entrepreneurs rapidly embraced the internet for online business opportunities with around 38 per cent of the current eBay India sellers quitting their jobs and 9 per cent sellers seeing eBay as their primary source of income.

''Being cost-effective and no prior investment needed, eBay provided the 1.3 million eBay sellers a global market and access to 203 million potential buyers,'' eBay Country Manager Gautam Thakar said.

The net savvy people are taking advantage of low start-up costs, low-cost marketing, and high velocity of business across the world, he added. The survey was conducted in June 2006 by AC Nielsen with eBay Sellers across the US, Canada and Asia-Pacific in the past 12 months.


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