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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

US remembers 9/11 five years on

Sombre ceremonies have been held in the US on the fifth anniversary of the devastating 11 September attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people. People fell silent at New York's World Trade Center site to mark the times the two planes hit and the towers fell.

Over three hours, the names of the 2,749 killed there were read out.

After meeting New York firefighters, President George W Bush laid a wreath at the other crash sites - in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.
In the evening, at 2100 local time (0100 GMT), Mr Bush will make a formal TV address to the nation from the Oval Office.

It will be only the fifth time that Mr Bush has made such an address to the American people - the first was on the day of the attacks.

US President George W Bush has urged Americans to unite behind the "war on terror" in a speech marking five years since the 11 September attacks. The president talked of "a struggle for civilisation" and said the safety of the nation depended on the outcome of "the battle in the streets of Baghdad".


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