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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bengalooru Habba from Dec 3 to 10

Cultural extravaganza was in store at the eagerly-awaited 'Bengalooru Habba', to be held in the Garden City from December three to ten.

Cultural programmes, including classical music, dance, lecture demonstrations for western music, besides food festival and sports would be held in various parts of the city.

As a prelude to the main events, an awareness programme for students across 15 schools and colleges would be held from tomorrow to November 30. Besides, street theatre performances for social issue campaigns would be held across the city in malls and shopping complexes, parks and residential areas and other public places.

Upcoming artistes from reputed art schools would perform 'Live Art' under the Bengalooru Habba umbrella at important public places, besides performing 'Street Magic' throughout the city.

Many agencies, including Government tourism department and private companies, have come forward to sponsor the event. Bengalooru Habba, which had received great support from the people over the last three years, would showcase the State's culture and art in keeping with the spirit of Suvarna Karnataka this year.

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