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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rahul Mahajan denies beating wife Shweta

national newsRahul Mahajan, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, is again in the news. His two-and-half month marriage with Shweta was on the rocks after allegations of his relentless physical and verbal abuse' of her, a charge both have strongly denied. Mid-Day daily reported on Monday that Rahul had regularly beaten and thrashed former pilot Shweta whom he had married after his father's death and in the midst of a legal battle over drug abuse.

The story was accompanied by a photograph which showed that Shweta showing a bruise on her right arm.

Denying the report, Mahajan said, "this is totally baseless. We are both shocked at this news report. In fact, this is invasion of privacy. They are not even bothered to take our reaction before making these allegations."

Shweta, who was in Dehradun said over the telephone that "all these allegations are totally baseless. I sustained some bruises when I was trying to ride a bicycle and fell down. Please respect our privacy. Our viist to Dehradun should not be linked to any possibility of marital discord. “It is a planned holiday to my parents house in Doon. My parents are arranging a party to celebrate my marriage on Saturday and Rahul is also taking part in the party. My purpose is also to assist my parents in the arrangements".

She said her family is annoyed with the newspaper report. Shweta's parents denied any rift between her and Rahul and said the couple had talked to each other.

On the accompanying photograph in media which showed Shweta with bruised hand, Rahul said, "photographs like this can be doctored using all kinds of software. This is not true. Our family has been constantly hit by some crises in the last few months but we will face it."

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