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Thursday, September 14, 2006

'Dead' criminal arrested

A criminal, who managed to declare himself officially dead 25 years ago, was caught selling obscene literature here, police today said.

Ram Lal Vishwakarma was arrested from Maidagin area last evening and the certificate declaring him dead 25 years ago was also recovered, police said. Interrogation and checking of old records revealed that Ram Lal, a native of Hartirath area of the city, was a listed criminal in the early 1970s.

In 1967, he was caught red-handed, while trading obscene items following which the court sentenced him to imprisonment for a few days. After coming out of jail, he was caught twice in different burglary cases and was again punished by the court.

Later, he was caught for an offence under Arms Act.

In 1976, the accused was released on bail and subsequently, fled from the city, following which he was declared absconder in the official records. The process of attaching his property was also initiated by the court.

Ram Lal's family came to his rescue by managing to get a death certificate in his name from Chayal tehsil in the neighbouring Allahabad district dated October 14, 1981. Once declared officially dead, all pending cases against Ram Lal were closed in 1983. Since then, he had been living in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh along with his family.

After returning here 6 days back, he again engaged himself in the business of obscene literature. A case of fraud was registered against him, following which he was sent to jail.


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