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Monday, December 04, 2006

News Updates from India

Kolkata : West Bengal Assembly has passed a Bill banning handpulled rickshaws.The decision, as in the past, has raised fears of unemployment for the poorest of the poor.The Bill is likely to affect the migrant labourers in Kolkata, who survived on the rickshaws - a century old transport.There are 5,937 hand pulled rickshaws in the city. The government has promised alternative livelihood for the rickshaw pullers.

Delhi : An Indian Airlines flight IC 402 overshot the tarmac at Delhi airport Sunday night, eyewitness Rakesh Vaid told NDTV. All the 320 passengers on the flight from Kolkata disembarked safely. Emergency services including fire fighting trucks and ambulances scrambled to the aircraft as the incident took place at 11 pm.

source NDTV

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