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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Police lathicharge students in Lucknow

The Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University, along with some principals of seven/eight colleges is going to meet the Governor regarding violence on campus.

The students are protesting against Lucknow University's new code of conduct.

Based on recommendations made by the Lyngdoh Committee, the code now bars leaders who are over age or have criminal records from contesting in students' polls.

And it hasn't gone down well with the student leaders. On Thursday, they once again turned violent but this time the violence spilled onto Lucknow's main shopping campus Hazratganj.

Security to criminals

The police also had to lathicharge to disperse the angry mob. This time the victims are pedestrians and traders, who were caught in the crossfire as the police tried to push the hooliganism back on to the campus.

While the violence and commotion continued in Lucknow University, Governor of Utttar Pradesh TV Rajeshwar seems to have found a voice in the Vice Chancellor, who now says that the state government is wrong in providing state security to criminal students.

But the Vice Chancellor is optimistic. Armed with the Lyngdoh recommendations, he says the university can now systematically demolish the power the student leaders wield.

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